Exposition Park Rose Garden

Bonus post for July, there will be at least one other post this month. The bonus destination is…

Exposition Park Rose Garden, located in Los Angeles, California


The Exposition Park Rose Garden is located at Exposition Park, right behind the California Science Center, and in front of the Expo Park/USC stop of the LA Metro. When I visited, the garden was open from 8:30am to 5:30pm (back in September), but the website now says it’s open from 9am to sunset (Probably since it’s summer now), so check before you visit, or visit when the sun is out. As with the other sites located at Exposition Park, the rose garden is accessible via car and public transportation. Also, admission is free.


The rose garden is an easy stroll with a variety of roses in various colors to see, even when it was already nearing fall when I was there (that’s California weather for you, spring and summer all year long), so I imagine in the summer, it’s even nicer. In addition, there is a fountain and benches nearby where visitors can site and enjoy the scenery.


The garden is quite small and not necessarily a must see destination, so why does it have its own post? In addition to being a post for all garden and rose admirers, this post is for the TV series, Bones (I follow the series on a regular basis). I am really excited to point out that Exposition Park Rose Garden is used as the backdrop for the “Jeffersonian”, the Smithsonian-like institution where the series takes place. My pictures are from difference angles then the ones seen in the show, but if you compare the details, they are of the same place, so fans of Bones, this is the “Jeffersonian’s” exterior.

I spent 20 minutes at the garden taking pictures and strolling through the rose bushes, but the amount of time spent will vary according to the visitor. It’s a nice area to sit and enjoy the sun, the roses, and the “Jeffersonian”, so if you have a chance, take a walk through Exposition Park Rose Garden.


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