World Famous Giant Shoe Museum

Weird and small museums are the ones I like best because I enjoy the bizarre little things in life. Smaller museums are usually not as popular, so it gives me an opportunity to highlight how awesome they are and to encourage more people to visit to keep them in business. The small weirdness that I visited in Seattle was…

World Famous Giant Shoe Museum, located in Seattle, Washington

IMG_4460 IMG_4466IMG_4465IMG_4462

The World Famous Giant Shoe Museum is located in the lower section of Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market, right next to Old Seattle Paperworks store. For only $1, several people can be entertained, it depends on how closely one wants to scrutinize the exhibits, since the displays are lit for about 30 seconds after putting in the coins . The museum is open for as long as the market is open (probably from 10am to 6pm), and is a one wall display. For visitors who happen to just pass by and don’t wish to spend that extra dollar, they can still enjoy a viewing of a real pair of clown shoes, compare how their height with the world’s tallest man, Robert Wadlow, and read about the mystery of Wadlow’s shoe. For shoe-fanatics, and whoever else maybe interested, drop in a couple of quarters, and take a glimpse of the actual shoe worn by the world’s tallest man, a collection of giant shoes, and the greatest shoe on Earth (which I won’t reveal here).

I spent 20 minutes looking at the museum, which includes the time it took to take all the pictures. The amount of time spent will really depend on the visitor, as some people will want photos and spend more time, and others will not, hence less time. The museum is in the underground level of Pike Place Market, so it is sort of hard to find (it took me 5 minutes to locate), but once you find it, you won’t miss it (don’t be frustrated if it takes a while to find, enjoy the journey, and check out the colorful places at the market). Whether you are looking specifically for the museum, or are just shopping at Pike Place Market, take a look and support the local weirdness that is the World Famous Giant Shoe Museum.


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