Museo del Ron y la Caña

Last post in the Dominican Republic. It took me about 8 months to write about all the places I visited there. I’m getting close to finishing all the destinations within the half year mark that I want, so I’m improving and will try to continue to do so. Now onto the last destination…

Museo del Ron y la Caña, located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republican
(Museum of Rum and Sugar Cane)


Museo del Ron y la Caña is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and admission is free. The museum is very similar to other store-museums, but one major difference is that this museum is by guided tour only. (Good thing some other people toured when my buddy and I did as guided tours aren’t quite our thing.) The museum is located a bit farther away from the main tourist destinations in the Zona Colonial, but it is still easily accessible by foot. If you are not in the Zona Colonial, a taxi is the best option to getting there. There are some other places within walking distance of the Museum of Rum and Sugar Cane that make it worth a visit.

IMG_5877IMG_5878IMG_5879 IMG_5880IMG_5881IMG_5882 IMG_5883IMG_5884IMG_5885

Museo del Ron y la Caña is housed inside a 16th century restored building and contains a variety of exhibits on rum and sugar cane, two of the country’s most exported items. The museum is rather small, there’s about 3 rooms altogether (but there’s plenty to see). There are a variety of displays and photographs explaining the importance of the two products to the Dominican Republican’s economy. In addition, the museum has numerous artifacts from the history of rum making and for the harvesting of sugar canes. There’s also a bar inside where our guide gave us some samples of their rum varieties, and if you like the rum, you can get a cup right there or a bottle to go at the store. (I felt that I should’ve bought some rum since I got a free tour and free samples, but I held out and just left cause I really didn’t want a bottle of rum.)

My travel buddy and I took about 15 minutes in the museum. The time is dependent on your guide and your group, as some guides may give more details and some people will have more questions than others. (Our guide was quiet, I’m not sure if I caught everything that was said as I spent most of the time snapping pictures, and our group didn’t have questions, so the tour was short.) The guided tour was decent, but I think it would’ve been better if the tours were a little longer so that people can learn a bit more about the displays, or if they let visitors explore on their own and had set times for rum sampling (it might attract more people with the second option as people like to sample alcoholic beverages.)  Anyone interested in rum making or tasting will want to take a visit to the museum, as will those interested in history. The museum is not a family trip destination, but is definitely for a group of friends (of drinking age) to visit. Museo del Ron y la Caña is worth a to visit, you’ll leave with a bit more knowledge on rum and sugarcane, and maybe even a bottle of rum.


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