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About this blog:

The idea for this blog came about when I visited the Birds of Vermont Museum. Prior to visiting the museum, I had searched online to see how the museum was and if it was worth the drive out to see it, but I didn’t find much information. Nevertheless, I went and discovered how great it was, and wanted to encourage others to visit, too. The goal of this blog is not only to record all the museums I’ve been too, but also to share information about the museums, in hopes that it will encourage more people to visit.

About me:

I am  W, the writer. As a child I have always enjoyed museums, and I still enjoy them now. I am a rather infrequent traveler, but I am always on the look out for a museum to visit. I do a little writing and photography, as seen in the blog, but I pretty much dabble in anything that sparks my fancy for the moment. Life away from the computer keeps me busy, so I don’t update as often as I like, but look for a new post every month (most likely near the end of the month, cause I am a part of the procrastinators’ club).

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